Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ygopro for Android beta begins!

The closed beta test for Ygopro Android has finally been "special summoned"! During the closed beta test, a range of ygopro members will be invited to try the Android app and let us know what they think. All participants are welcome to share screenshots and videos sharing your experiences with the game, but please don't redistribute the apk. The game is still in development, and what you see and play in the beta test isn’t necessarily representative of what to expect in the final game.

Want to participate in beta testing Ygopro for Android? Visit the Ygopro website to find out how.


zafrye said...

hello admin... i want to ask..
why effect of Dragonprincess Saphira
cant be ativate???

sorry for my bad inglish written..

Sakekage-sama said...

hi the effect of Wightprince dont work. fix it please.

Unknown said...

Hello zafrye and Sakekage-sama. Percival is requesting that you please post your questions and feedback in the YGOPRO forum:

Anonymous said...