Monday, September 9, 2013

YGOPRO Version 1.032.0 V4: Shadow Lich


Changes in this version

New cards (prerelease)
  • The Valuable Book 16 promotional cards
    • Number 48: Shadow Lich
    • Drascension the Supreme Sky Dragon
  • Duelist Pack: Kastle Siblings
  • Duelist Pack: Yuma 2: Gogogo & Dododo
  • Anime cards

Changes to the ygopro client
  • Sixth Sense added to TCG banlist
  • Rooms TCG/OCG banlist filter
  • Auto refreshes rooms list after changing server
  • Different mouse pointer icon when inside a text field
  • Missing translations added to strings.conf
  • [BETA] Deck edit screen: search for cards while typing
  • [BETA] Sound library static link (irrklang.dll no longer needed). This does not apply to the alternate exe
    If you have any trouble with the dll files you can click here to download them.
  • [BETA] Rock-paper-scissors music located in /sound/rockpaperscissors.mp3
  • [BETA] Sound effect for destroyed card /sound/destroyed.wav

Changes to the card database
  • Card names updated
    • Judgment of the Light
  • Cards TCG labels updated
    • Star Pack 2013
    • Judgment of the Light
    • Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy
  • Some anime Timelord card descriptions updated

Changes to the AI
  • AI script update 11 by Sebrian
  • OnSelectCard(), OnSelectTribute() error message if an incorrect count is returned
  • Added table card.affected_by