Sunday, July 29, 2012

YGOPro Percy experimental version Beta2

Experimental beta build based on YGOPro version 1.02B.1

What's new in beta2?
  • New build settings
  • Online server changed to TDOANE server
  • Server refresh button in separate thread

This is not a full build. Copy the contents of this archive into the ygopro 1.02B.1 folder!
If you don't have version 1.02B.1 then click here to download.

New features

  • Resizable window
  • Fullscreen support
    Change setting in system.conf to enable fullscreen
  • Online server interaction built in

    Read this tutorial if you want to know more about playing on the ygopro servers
  • Advantage and disadvantage music
    The songs should be named 'song-advantage.mp3' and 'song-disadvantage.mp3'
  • Remembers sound and music settings

Minor changes

  • Changed 'LAN Mode' button to 'Multiplayer'
  • LAN Mode can be found under its own tab in Multiplayer
  • Changed 'Search' button to 'Filter results'
  • Changed 'Group of turn cards over %d cards' to 'Revealing %d cards'
  • Card declaration dialog is no longer case sensitive (mind crush, prohibition, gishki diviner etc.)
  • New app icon

Remember that these features are in beta. They can contain bugs!

Todo list / Known issues


  • Add texts to strings.conf to ease translation of non-english languages

Screen size related

  • Deck edit screen
  • Let window popups start in middle of the screen
  • Make game log section larger vertically
  • Hi-res pics
  • Larger font
  • Larger buttons


  • Make room browser better (more eyecandy)
  • Room filters
  • Remember account username and password
  • Put refresh button functionality in a new thread to prevent menu from freezing
  • Options for creating a room
  • Choose server
  • Read, parse and translate Chinese server error messages


Programmer of YGOPro experimental: Percival18

Main YGOPro programmer: Fluorohydride

Server by Kaiba Corporation

Friday, July 27, 2012

YGOPro upcoming features preview

This is a status update about the features on YGOPro that I am currently working on. Just to give everyone a heads up before the next version.

To clear things up a bit first, Fluorohydride is the developer of the game. The features shown in here are modifications to his source code. Please don't bother him with questions about this article.

Integrated server 

One of most often requested. With this built in you no longer need to use hamachi or an external launcher. YGOPro will download the games list from one of the available servers (see also this tutorial about the chinese servers). After selecting a room and clicking on the connect button you can start dueling immediately!

As you can see in the screenshot the room list screen is still "barebone", but will be spiced up in the future.

I am still deciding on the server to use, it will probably be Mycard:


Custom resolution

YGOPro runs on a fixed size of 1024x640.You will be able to resize the window and play in fullscreen mode after this update.
Default resolution 1024x640

Running at 1680x1050
There still a lot to do before this is completed. Like high resolution pictures and bigger buttons to make use of the extra space. Also the deck edit screen is a pain in the *ss..

Other stuff

Some other features currently in progress
  • Advantage/disadvantage background music
  • Save sound and music settings
  • Anime cards (maybe)
A beta build will be released soon. Hope you will look forward to it! Just keep an eye on this blog.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

YGOPro 1.02B.1 Percy: Abyss Rising

Changes in this version
What's new in mod
  • 5435 cards total
  • Return of the Duelist translations updated: 
    • Magical -> Prophecy
    • Book of Spell -> Spellbook
    • Ooparts -> Chronomaly
  • New puzzles added
  • Fixed some wrong card names. Thanks for reporting.
  • Fixed some card pictures for Constellar and Evilswarm
Known issues
  • Many cards still have old pictures (like Chronomaly)
  • If you have framerate issues then try using the files in the "_alternate_executable" folder (copy them to the ygopro main folder)
Read the FAQ before posting a question.

Found a card bug? Search the card at and read the rulings first. You can report card bugs here: