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Creator of this game: Fluorohydride
Modder: Percival18

Useful links
Download ygopro http://www.ygopro.co/Download.aspx

Forum http://www.ygopro.co/Forum.aspx
Community links: http://www.ygopro.co/Community/Links.aspx

Q: What is the difference between official build and modded build?
A: Modded build (Percy version) is translated to English. It also contains sound/music and can handle long card names.

Q: Please add this card 'hieroglyph dragon'. I cannot find it!
A: The card names are based on the names found at http://yugioh.wikia.com. Please make sure the card name you are searching for matches the names there.

Still can't find the card? Then try searching the card code. If there are still no results then the card is not in the game yet.

Q: OK I am 100% sure this card is not in the game. Please add it.
A: It takes time to program card effects. Please have some patience.

Q: This card [insert card name here] contains a bug!
A: Sometimes people are confused by the card effect and rulings. Please read the card effect text thoroughly and check the rulings.

Q: Ok I triple checked. The card contains a bug!
A: Saying "Stardust Dragon is not working, please fix it!" is NOT the way to do it. Describe the situation in detail and post a replay if possible.

A small checklist:
  • What cards are on the field?
  • What cards did you activate before?
  • Have you met all the requirements for the card you are trying to use?
  • Does any of the cards prevent you from doing something?
Please post your questions about card bugs here: http://www.ygopro.co/tabid/95/g/topics/f/6/Card-rulings-and-bugs.aspx

Q: Can you change the resolution in YGOPro?
A: This feature is available in version 1.02C

Q: How do you change the game to full screen?
A: Open system.conf with a text editor and change the fullscreen option to 1. (This feature is available in version 1.02C and up)

Q: I want to add my own cards. What do I need?
A: 1) Add a record to the cards.cdb sqlite database
2) Add corresponding pictures into the pics folder
3) Program the card effects in a .lua file in the scripts folder
Look at other files in the script folder to find out how to program card effects. For a more detailed explanation check out this page (chinese): http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1498183366

Note: Adding cards on your own is discouraged.

Q: How do you add a background song?
A: Copy any .mp3 file to the sound folder and name it 'song.mp3'
For advantage and disadvantage music: 'song-advantage.mp3'  and 'song-disadvantage.mp3'

Q: How do you add a menu song?
A:Same as the previous question. But name it 'menu.mp3'
(N.B. menu music only works in version 0x1023 and up)

Q: I named my file song.mp3 but it still doesn't play
A: Windows hides file extensions by default. So your mp3 file might have become 'song.mp3.mp3'
Try naming it 'song' instead. Or turn off the hide extensions feature.

Q: I found a bug. I can't start a game because it says '[Card name] does not match current configuration'

A: This is not a bug. Change host settings to 'TCG/OCG'. And change Forbidden List to 'N/A' if you play with banned cards (but seriously people, don't play with banned cards)

Q: How do you change the background and card sleeves?
A: Look at the 'textures' folder

Q: How do you translate the game?
A: Replace the texts in 'strings.conf' to translate the gui.
The cards are stored in the cards.cdb sqlite database. Use a sqlite client to modify it.

Q: I can only activate Mystical Space Typhoon when the game asks for it. How can I force the activation?
A: Press and hold 'A'

Q: It keeps asking if I want to activate Mystical Space Typhoon in every phase! Automatic games suck.
A: Press and hold 'S'

Q: Does this work on MacOS?
A: There is no Mac version yet. Try using wine.

Q: Do you need to download a program to play this game?
A: Yes

Q: I downloaded the program but can't get it to start. Windows says it doesn't know what software to use.
A: Use Winrar or 7-Zip to extract the archive.

Q: What about SEGOC? (Simultaneous Effects Go On Chain)
A: Turn off "Auto Chain order" in the Settings tab

Q: The online server keeps saying Invalid Deck!
A: The server does not support the card you want to use. Please look at the tutorial if you are using Anime Edition.

Q: How can I make anime game online?
A: Please look at the tutorial

Some common mistakes
  • A Stardust Dragon summoned by Starlight Road cannot special summon himself again. Because Stardust was not properly synchro summoned.
  • A Shooting Star Dragon summoned by Shooting Quasar Dragon cannot special summon himself again. Same reason as above.
  • You cannot special summon after Pot of Duality.
  • Sangan cannot search monsters with ? ATK.
  • Xyz Monsters do not have Levels.
  • Dark World monster effects only work when discarded to the graveyard by a card effect. No, Lightning Vortex and Hand Destruction does not work.
  • Dark Synchro monsters follow Tag Force rules. They have a positive level.
  • You must have at least 2 cards in your deck to activate Pot of Avarice.