Saturday, April 28, 2012

YGOPro English 1.027 Percy

Changes in this version

What's new in mod
  • 4645 cards total
  • Card pictures fixed
  • Changed refresh key from 'R' to 'F5'. The texts shouldn't go crazy anymore in the deck edit screen
  • Fixed duel music restarting during rock-paper-scissors

Known issues

The game will NOT start if you change the value 'use_d3d' to 1 in system.conf.

Read the FAQ before posting a question.

Found a card bug? Search the card at and read the rulings first. You can report card bugs here:

Friday, April 20, 2012

Playing YGOPro on a Chinese server

This is a small tutorial about how to play YGOPro online without using Hamachi.


Some things you need to know first 

  • The server described here is called FH-YGOPro and is located in China. Most of the players only use OCG cards by default and will probably send you messages in Chinese during a duel.
  • Default game settings are: OCG only, single duel, 8000LP, starting with 5 cards, 1 draw per turn
  • Account is required to create a room
  • Account is NOT required to join a room

Registering an account

---- UPDATE may 2012 ---- They moved.. AGAIN
Registration page:
Room browser:
Server address: port 7911


Visit to register. Don't let the amount of Chinese text scare you. You only need to fill in 3 fields and press a button. The screenshots explains everything you need to know.

Watch out!!! Create a new password for this. Do not use the same one as your email / router etc. Because the password is sent over the internet unencrypted !!!

Creating a room

  1. Start YGOPro
  2. Click on LAN Mode
  3. In the 'Nickname' field enter your account in the following way: [Name]$[Password]
    So if you registered as 'Yusei' with password 'Hello' then you fill in Yusei$Hello
  4. Enter the 'Host IP' and port: port 50704
  5. Enter the room name into the 'Password' field
  6. Click 'Join'. Now wait for someone to join and duel!

Joining a room

  1. Visit to view the active rooms
  2. Start YGOPro
  3. Click on LAN Mode
  4. Enter the room name into the 'Password' field
  5. Click 'Join'

Using a tool (optional)

  • In the ygopro folder, rename 'gframe-english.exe' to 'gframe.exe'
  • Register an account if you haven't already
  • Download and extract the tool made by fh-ygopro
  • Open FH.exe and login with your account
  • Double click on a blue room to join. It might ask where ygopro is located, browse and point to gframe.exe

Other stuff

Q: How can I create a match?
A: Add M# in front of the room name. Like this M#123

Q: How can I use TCG cards?
A: Add one the following strings in front of the room name
Single Duel and TCG/OCG cards allowed: 20TTT8000,5,1,[RoomName]
Match Duel and TCG/OCG cards allowed: 21TTT8000,5,1,[RoomName]

Q: How to password protect my room?
A: Add $[Password] after the room name. Like this RoomName$Password

Q: Are there other servers?
A: Yes:
Mycard ygocore
Server located in Taiwan, account also required to create a room

Kaiba Corporation
Download 'Dawn of a New Era'

Q: I am getting 'Invalid deck' when I join the server
A: Some cards that the server uses are different from cards in the Percy version. These errors will be fixed in the next update. Report here if you find cards that cannot be used.

Q: I entered a room but all I see is some Chinese and I can't do anything!
A: That is an error message. I encountered these during testing:
Version 1026 is required on this server
Room name empty
Not registered users cannot create a room
Duel already started, cannot enter

Monday, April 16, 2012

YGOPro English 0x1026 Percy: Return of the Duelist

Changes in this version

What's new in mod
  • 4590 cards total
  • [As requested] Added sound for chat message (sound donated by Rollcsi)
  • [As requested] Added deck edit music
  • Made card declaration dialog bigger. Used for Mind Crush, Prohibition etc.
  • Fixed card texts in database (Karakuri, X-Saber Pashuul, Wattcine)

Check the FAQ before posting a question!

Download here

Full version


Known issues

Some card pictures have a wrong name. No need to report them:
  • Hand Requital <-> Attitude Reversal
  • Madolche <-> Madolce
  • One-chan!? <-> Wanchan!?
  • Gagagarevenge

Also, online play without using hamachi is already available.
Visit http//
Or (chinese server)

    Monday, April 2, 2012

    YGOPro English 0x1025 Percy

    Changes in this version

    What's new in mod
    • 4333 cards total
    • Added sound for 'Special Summon'
    • Updated menu and card translations
    • Replaced a few incorrect card pictures. Thanks for reporting!
    Check the FAQ before posting a question! 

    Download here

    Full version