Sunday, March 17, 2013

Released: Ygopro 1.03.0 V2

Ygopro 1.030.0 V2 has been released! New features include:
  • Starter Deck 2013
  • Promotion Pack 3: Part B
  • Starter Deck 2013 Enhancement Pack
  • Judgment of the Light
  • Anime cards and pictures by 馬骨
  • Password field for Linux server
  • Hold left mouse button to force activations. Holding the "A" key still works.
  • Hold right mouse button to skip all activations. Holding the "S" key still works.
  • Auto surrender if window closed in the middle of a duel

Release notes can be found here

As always the ygopro program should update automatically. If it doesn't work for you then download the manual update from the download page.

Download manual update here:


Unknown said...

number 66 is missing.... :(

Unknown said...

War God - Yamato is bugged. His effect should only activate during the End Phase.

فريق LCTT said...



And if you accept my idea can you add a monsters with kaiser sea horse effect.


Unshaven Angler

Double Coston

Whirlwind Prodigy

Flame Ruler

The Trojan Horse

And please if you read my comment

Answer me and say if you can add that duel system or not

Percival18 said...

number 66 is missing.... :(

Already adding Number 66 would be WAY to premature.. sorry

Anonymous said...

Fluorohydride is still in charge of this project or are you doing all by yourself Percy??

matheus said...

Percy the effect of card "War God -Yamato" is wrong, the effect is active in the End Phase. please take a look ok :)

Unknown said... WATCH lack card

Anonymous said...

Percy nice and quick update :D ... btw archfiend palace not banishing fiends... pls fix

Unknown said...

Thanks for the up-date.

For some reason, Madolche cards from "abyss rising" are back at being treated as OCG.

Anonymous said...

fire fist are OCG. Avatar Are OCG Blackship CORN is OCG please update that D:

Ejohansson Veras said...

Thanks for the update Percy, the font and the colors are perfect in Duel Online. : D
Waiting anxiously for the update that will bring the new Starter Deck 2013!!!

Maths Yu Di Kang said...

Why I cant find mecha phantom beast harri-ard in the deck edit?

Anonymous said...

HY Percival18
Please fix turbo duel mod .

Kurosaki said...

Perce when they will get the exe alternative?20

Anonymous said...

War God - Yamato is bugged, his effect doesn't activate during the End Phase :(

Anonymous said...

"Exodius" is still bugged.. it raise attack doenst resolve

Can u fix it pls??

hyuga bima said...

turbo duel is not working. speed world 2 must be manually activated now :(

Anonymous said...

i can't actviite VIVIT KNIGHT's second effect

Anonymous said...

why zen garden cannot be activate?

Anonymous said...

when they will get the exe alternative?

Anonymous said...

Malefic Paradox Dragon's Effect does not activate.
I played cards in this order:
Malefic World
Malefic Stardust Dragon
Malefic World
Burial From A different Dimension (Regular Stardust dragon is now in the graveyard)
Malefic Parallel Gear
Syncro summon Paradox Dragon with malefic blue eyes white dragon and parallel gear
Due to Malefic paradox dragon's card effect, it should allow me to special summon the regular Stardust Dragon from my graveyard.

Anonymous said...

@Malefic user:
Stardust wasnt properly summoned if u banish it from extra, so u cant SS it w/ Paradox.
Also, I agree that Yamato is bugged. There's no option to activate it during the End Phase.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Percival, please, fixed names of Elemental Dragons
Blaster, Elemental Dragon of Calderas;
Tidal, Elemental Dragon of Cascades;
Tempest, Elemental Dragon of Cyclones;
Redox, Elemental Dragon of Crags;
Stream, Elemental Dragon of Water;
Reactan, Elemental Dragon of Earth;
Burner, Elemental Dragon of Fire;
Lightning, Elemental Dragon of Wind.


Errata effect:
Flame Armor Ninja = When this card is Summoned: You can target 1 "Ninja" monster you control; increase its Level by 1.
Air Armor Ninja = When this card is Summoned: You can target 1 "Ninja" monster you control; reduce its Level by 1. (Source = )

Unknown said...

is USA server error???

because every time I tried to login, this notif always appeared????

Unknown said...

ygopro_vs application does not open! :(

Anonymous said...

why many cards still in OCG to date?, when correct this?

Anonymous said...

Apparently the time limit loss doesn't work, because my opponent's time ran out and nothing happened. I hate people who stall and do this, and don't get punished for it, please fix it.

Anonymous said...

ei percy who program i need use to open cards.cdb

Anonymous said...

hey percy plis add photon anime\manga suport

Anonymous said...

Hi Percy can you pls fix these card typos in pictures and card info,
it could lessen the confusion in searching for cards and it would be a big help thank you.
Heres a list of what I have seen:


1. TragDungeon WormKodon (should be Dungeon Worm)
2. ChangeDark PrisonerSlime (should be Dark Prisoner)
3. TenshTerminal Worldin (should be Terminal World)
4. Crevice into the Different Dimesio (missing n in Dimensio?)
5. Scroll of Bewitchmen (missing t in Bewitchmen?)
6. Sasuke Samurai 2 have Sasuke Samurai name in pic and card info
7. Sasuke Samurai have Sasuke Samurai 2 name in pic
8. Genex Ally Chemistre (missing r in Chemistre?)
9. Ally of Justice Unlimite (missing r in Unlimite?)
10. Symphonic Drums (missing s in Drums?)
11. Search StrikerPursuit Chaser (should be Pursuit Chaser)
12. Master MonkGuardian Statue (should be Guardian Statue)
13. Life Absorbing Machine (should be Roulette Barrel)
14. Alien Telepath (should be Alien Hypno)
15. Meklord Army of Granel (should be Meklord Emperor Granel without infinity)


1. Night Parade of One Hundred Demons - special summon as many zombite-type (zombie type)
2. Spikeshield with Chain (should have space - Spike Shield with Chain)
3. Thuggish Limited Express Battrain (no limited word on pic and missing l on Batt?rain)
4. Grandram (Grandran on pic)
5. Kujakujaku (Nine-snakes Peacock on pic)
6. cole de Zone (missing E on ?cole de Zone)
7. Evilswarm Cercyon ( missing Evi on "lswarm" on ability)
8. Big Core (missing B.E.S. on ??? Big Core)
9. Unification (missing of the Country on Unification ?? ??? ???????)
10. Aerial Recharge (should be Aerial Charge)
11. Dimension Slice on card info and Dimension Slide on pic which is which? its confusing.
12. Thunder Sea Horse (no space on Sea Horse - Thunder Seahorse)
13. Heroic Challenger - Swordshield (Heroic Challenger Sword Shield no space on Swordshield on pic
and no dash in between Challenger and Swordshield)
14. Leotaur ( missing us in Leotaur??)
15.Evilswarm-O'- wisp (should not have - - in O')
16. Heraldic Beast Twin-Headed Eagle ( should Omit the ed in Twin-Headed)
17. Cards missing the & sign like:
- Master Expert (Master & Expert)
- Double Tool C D (Double Tool C&D)
18. Cards missing the "A" on Alien cards:
- Detonator Circle (Detonator Circle "A")
- Otherworld The Zone (Otherworld The "A" Zone)
- Cell Breeding Device ("A" Cell Breeding Device)
- Cell Scatter Burst ("A" Cell Scatter Burst)
- Cell Incubator ("A" Cell Incubator)
19. Power of Kaishin (should be Power of Poseidon)
20. Zerozelock (pic) or Zerozerock (card info)
21. Mogumole (pic) or Mogmole (card info)
22. Meklord Emperor Skiel w/ Infinity and Grand Core have Granel spelled
Grannel which should have single n in ability.

Card Effects not Working:

1. Burning Knuckler Leadblow effect not working

Percival18 said...

Thanks Anonymous for the extensive list. I will take a look at the cards.

Anonymous said...

BUG Found...
Card = Red Dragon Ninja
Effect: When this card is Summoned: You can banish 1 "Ninja" or "Ninjitsu Art" card from your Graveyard to target 1 Set card your opponent controls; reveal that Set card, then return it to either the top or bottom of the Deck. Your opponent cannot activate the targeted card in response to this effect's activation. You can only use the effect of "Red Dragon Ninja" once per turn.

Bug Report: This card effect is not active in the next rounds.

Unknown said...

cityu7. Evilswarm Cercyon ( missing Evi on "lswarm" on ability)

yhe effect on Kerykeion is right, becaude it eff aroundd "lwarm" that including "Evi" and "Stee" sub-archtype...

You can banish 1 "lswarm" monster from your Graveyard to target 1 "lswarm" monster in your Graveyard; add that target to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Evilswarm Kerykeion" once per turn. Once per turn, if that effect was activated this turn: You can Normal Summon 1 "lswarm" monster, as an additional Normal Summon. If this card is in your Graveyard because it was sent there this turn, you can Normal Summon 1 "lswarm" monster with 1 less Tribute than required. (You can only gain this effect once per turn.)

Anonymous said...

Timelords cant be summoned without tribute..

Unknown said...

sshheralddic beast thiin-headed eagle,thunder sea horse, battrain, areial recharge,dimension slice, and swordshied spelling and names are correct in the cards description...

ecole de zone also correct...

Unknown said...

I also found bug in here, plese ffix it in next version....

Unknown said...

mogmole and big core aalso have a correct name in the card description:

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

marik isthar said...
sshheralddic beast thiin-headed eagle,thunder sea horse, battrain, areial recharge,dimension slice, and swordshied spelling and names are correct in the cards description...

ecole de zone also correct...

mogmole and big core aalso have a correct name in the card description:


Some of what you said is true but if you compare the actual picture and the description below it not the one on the pic you'll know what I mean or maybe because i only update and havent full install.

Unknown said...

the picture indeed have a wrong spelling, burt u can correct it by mmake your oown cards by editing deviantart cards with photoshoop tool....

Anonymous said...

How can I submit after I edited the Pictures to percy. Because It will Be A hassle everytime I update.

Anonymous said...

My anti-virus complains about adware when I open the update binary, will I have to re-download the whole program? :(

shinigami3d said...

watch this:

KC said...

Please fix Trick Archfiend's effect. It is suppose to allow you to add any archfiend cards instead of just monsters.

Doubleduck said...

I found a bug. Attribute of Darkbishop Archfiend that is WATER is DARK.

FreelancerRaiko said...

You know what's the best part about this? No admins or moderators. And I'm not talking about just DN either, it's just as bad in things like TDOANE or DevPro.

With this? It's nothing but plain ol' straight-forward dueling. Don't like someone? Just leave and that's it. No dramas or kids trying to stroke their egos. Just plain and simple. Do kind of miss the other cards added into things like DevPro (miss my poor Numeron Force), but hey the wait's totally worth it when I don't have to dael with all the drama.

Thanks Percy for giving us a game that's just pure and simple, just as yugioh should be.

Anonymous said...

Percy can you include all orichalcos cards please I want to duel with divine serpent ITS GREAT anyway you have done a fantastic job X3

Mateus said...

puts these letters anime here
vlws * ------- *

Anonymous said...

Percy..seriously...without you.....I can't thank ya enough for this are FUCKING awesome!!

Wildflame said...

Just one note: in the picture, Dark Fairy Cheer Girl appears as a WIND monster instead of a DARK one.

Unknown said...

not sure if this has been mentioned, but Umbral Will o' the Wisp's effect is not working... at all... its supposed to destroy the monster it battles with if it is destroyed by battle. Currently, it just dies.
Also it doesn't activate it's effect of level copying when summoned by Umbral Unform

Anonymous said...

Turbo duel, z-one cards arent working

Anonymous said...

Percy I have a suggestion why not add animation when a card is destroyed by battle and card effect
to differentiate it from just sending to the grave. If it aint possible It's no big deal but if yes it will feel like playing in anime.

Anonymous said...

I found a bug sometimes synchros have the Rank mark on field and and their level is based on rank and xyz have level mark and based on level [stardust R4, Utopia Lv8].

And swap button have a bug it messes the duelists names arrangement especially in tag.

Yeager said...

Hey Percy, I think that the Archfiend Palace - The Labyrinth of Fiends have a error. The card says "Fiend-Type monsters YOU control gain 500 ATK." and it's boosting my oponents monsters too.

Thank you for the new version(and sorry for the bad english).

Anonymous said...

hi percy.. always cannot open the URL for multiplayer, what happened???
help me???

Anonymous said...


Bug report:

Great Shogun Shien's effect is not working. My opponent can use every time more than 1 spell/trap card.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Percy.

I have been not playing your program lately, so I have to DL the latest version of your program.

The problem is that, I downloaded the full pack of the latest version: ygopro-1.030.0-V2-Percy-full

When I try to connect online, it will say to me "Failed to open URL"

WHat am I doing wrong? I even tried the fresh package without touching it: Still the same result.

Is this problem within my computer?

Unknown said...

some script also missiing in the latest version scriptss

when I tried to open [vs-zone].lua timelords script is error

Anonymous said...

Hey Percy,
Any chance you'd be able to add Valon's Armor cards from the original anime? That's almost the only thing I can think of to request; your work thus far has been incredible!

Oliveras said...

Hi percy.
The lan mode its not working in hamachi its is a bug?

WonderDuelist said...

Errors are popping up with Swift Scarecrow and Necro Gardna's effects

Anonymous said...

Please, make AI using character´s decks form YuGiOh series.
Ps, Atem Deck, Kaiba Deck, Bakura Deck, Marik Deck, Pegasus Deck, Yuma Deck, Shark Deck, Jack Deck, etc and etc.

ymahturllennoc said...

Is there a way to download ygo pro for windows 8 users? I'm having problems getting it to work.

Unknown said...

in the next version please add this following cards:


2. (OG02-JP001)

tnx ... :)

Raiko said...

Yes, we would very much like if the other cards of Judgement of the Light would get added. We'd much rather play YGOPro than play TDOANE or DevPro where admins and moderators abuse their power.

xandre said...

Percival Hello, I would like you to help me in one thing, here in Brazil has plenty Duelists are just not very good in English, a guy once translated a version of the game but he never updated it, it only translated until version 1.02A.0, I have the file "cards" that version is not very perdir add what do you gave to be missing in this file can be in English even then the cards you add traduzilas I can, why this version ai has more than 5000 letters ai is easier to translate than 6600 letters, please break this twig al. The aquivo "cards" you get it here #! BV9RGagB! PM5uFGzFbt84e2d_iQsI7CRutn42fX_MB64csq85mp0

Unknown said...

Please, create the Destiny Draw (Tag Force System). And the Traditional Format. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Error 02: cannot open the URL Percy, what happened???

Raey said...

Hello percy :)

I dont know where to report bugs for anime cards, so here I go here:
Berserker Soul makes you lose instead of winning after finishing your deck (in Tag Force when you reach 0 cards in deck you stop drawing and win, but here you tried to keep on drawing and making "You Lose" because of "cannot draw anymore cards")

Again, thanks and keep up the good work XD

Raey said...

Ah sorry, forgot to post the replay vid link in my earlier comment...
here you go :)

Quincy said...

Ever since I updated I can't seem to play anymore. I can't even get to deck edit. The game just shuts down. I tried changing the system config but that didn't help. I even tried the alternate exe, but that one didn't work at all. Please help me so I can play again.

Unknown said...

swift scarecrow eff doesn't work if we activate it, player can still take damage...

please fix it in next version


Anonymous said...

Hi Percy:

Just a minor correction:

the card "The Hunter with 7 Weapons" has 1000 ATK, instead of 100.

thanks for reading !